Friendly and competent Impressive by world standards Widest and most profound in the region Over 16 years in the area of Caspian and Central Asia
Our sales and support team is committed to provide as much support and attention to your matters as the most challenging environment may require.
We know what it takes for our customers to make it happen and are always ready to walk the extra mile…
Our workshop facilities in Azerbaijan and various locations of Kazakhstan are equipped to meet the most challenging expectations of our customers.
We are serious about making our engineers effective and that means well equipped with cutting edge equipment and tools as well as immediate supply or running materials and spare parts.
Hydroserv team of professional engineers covers by far the largest scope of skills and experience in the area. We employ talented, highly motivated team who set success as their only option.
We focus on delivery of cost effective solutions to meet long-term goals and objectives of our customers.
With confidence, we can say that there is not a single significant installation in the area where we have not been involved.
We’ve been around the area for long and know well how to manage swift operations for our customers and meet project timetable.